GOSH Ambassador Handbook Draft

Hello GOSH Community,

I am excited to share our most recent draft of the GOSH Ambassador Handbook! The handbook is for individuals who want to become GOSH ambassadors and help us with our ultimate goal of making open science hardware ubiquitous.

This handbook is the result of discussions that took place during online workshops organized by the Gathering for Open Science Hardware community in April and May 2023. Participants included those who signed up for the Ambassador Handbook roadmap action at GOSH 2022 in Panama.

You can take a look at the draft and leave comments here. We will be accepting feedback and comments until October 23rd!



Thanks @briannaljohns and team for putting this together. :clap:

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@briannaljohns thanks for putting forth efforts in creating this excellent draft. It is very clear and informative about the “Ambassador” initiative. I have a minor question for clarification purposes only, which I have highlighted in the document.
Thank you for sharing this, looking forward to be a part of the initiative.

Best regards,

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