GOSH 2023 book club meetings!

Hello all, I’ve got my copy of the Internet con and am looking forward to getting into it. It’s starting to feel like there are a lot of things to get through before Christmas so I wonder if we could look at the January dates for the next meeting? Thanks.


Hi @annasera,

I think scheduling the next book club meeting in January is best! @hpy and @annasera do you happen to be available before 12pm UTC on January 10 & 11? For some reason, I didn’t include those times in the poll and they would be best for me in Australia.



Thanks @briannaljohns. I will be in time zone UTC+8 that week which should be close(r) to your time in Australia? Anyways, I am still available before 12:00 UTC on both dates, though that might be early for those in Europe?

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Yes! I could be available from 08:00 UTC both of those days

@annasera @hpy fantastic, thanks for letting me know! I scheduled the meeting for 9am UTC on January 11th. We will meet in this Big Blue Button room. The access code is GOSH2023 - and just enter your name into the “name” field when joining.

The event is also available on the GOSH Community Calendar.

I look forward to our next meeting!