GOSH 2022 Regional Events funding general feedback


In case it helps, the review panel for round 1 of the GOSH 2022 Regional Events funding has provided some feedback based on the applications we received.

We’ve incorporated this general feedback into the current round 2 regional funding call, but I’m summarising them here for your reference:

In your application:

  • Explain how your event will help advance not just open source hardware, but also the field of open SCIENCE hardware.
  • Describe how your event addresses the four items in the review criteria table.
  • Show which people/communities will be affected by your event during and after.
  • Explain how output(s) from the event will be published according to the open source licenses described in the call.

Remember, outputs from your event don’t have to be hardware designs, other outputs can be great, too, as long as they move the open science hardware community forward in some way.

Thank you, and please apply to round 2! :slight_smile:

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Where do our organization sent the application to which email address? Thanks.

John Bior Ajang
Open Tech Engineer
Producer (videos and audios)
Radio presenter at VOR FM
Founder ATAKA Hub South Sudan
+211920242512 WhatsApp
+211925033436 telegram

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Thank you @Bior for your interest! Please look at and follow the instructions in the announcement post here: