GOSH 2018 Video

Hey everyone! I wanted to share the following video from 2018 Gathering in Shenzhen! Feel free to check it out, it’s really cool and very well done :slight_smile:

You can watch it here:


Yes, it is very well done! Thanks!

Aaahhh good old times!

I am playing it on a screen at or booth at AGRA fair!
Is there a downloadable version with english (or others) subtitles?

(i ripped it of from youtube… but don’t know how to integrate the automated subs.)

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terrific video!

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Whoever uploaded the youtube video. if you go to “edit video” you should be also able to generate the subtitles from the autogenerator and export as a proper subs file.
embedding them into the video is easy then afterwards. THX!

Hi @dusjagr! Here is a version of the video with English captions embedded into it: GOSH 2018 - Captioned in English - YouTube :slight_smile: