GOSH 2018: Topic sessions, looking for feedback

For GOSH 2018, we’re planning to have 3 Topic Sessions (one at the beginning of each day). Topic Sessions are a way to highlight a common concept/problem across the GOSH community. Topic Sessions will include the whole group (not a breakout/unconference). We hope these Topic Sessions will set the tone and initiate productive discussions throughout the rest of the conference and beyond.

Some examples might provide some framing, but we’re really looking for ideas from you. PS - Don’t let the examples limit your perspective on the possible topics.

–> This is now editable as a wiki - so discuss below, but feel free to add your ideas directly below with an @ and your name!

  1. Stop reinventing the wheel - it’s really hard to prioritize contributing to the projects of others, especially when it’s not exactly what you want, or the ‘fun parts’ have already been done… but the greatest potential advantage to being open is the ability to do more with less. So, how can we reframe contributing to projects as the highest valued activity within our community, and ensuring that new projects are truly new?

  2. Realistic models for funding / impact in OSciH - We’re all looking for the person/method/process that scales, so we put successful projects at the front of the room, say ‘do what this person did’ and feel we’ve solved the problem. But we all know that impact, sustainable impact, and scalable impact are not the same. What are realistic, sustainable models within our community - is it 80 hour weeks in your early 20s? Is it startup capital from add VC firm here. Is it having a domestic partner with a full time job and benefits? What options actually scale, and how can we make those options easier and more attractive to new participants in the Open Science movement?

  3. (from @vektor) Different opportunities/experiences from institution and community-based people (link to extensive forum discussion for details here).

So, what topics do you want to see for Topic Sessions?

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Hey @gbathree,

I really like “1) Stop reinventing the wheel” because in my opinion this has so many facets.

Something which I followed recently and which goes with 2) is the discussion about the different opportunities from institution and community based people (here). I would love to see this discussed with the whole group! Maybe this goes well as a subtopic in 2) or maybe it has the potential of being a standalone topic.

Apart from that.
Thank you for putting so much effort into this!


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Awesome idea - I will definitely add that thread and concept to the list. I’d love to hear others’ opinions about that as well, but based on the activity and effort put into that thread it does appear as a core topic.

Actually, mining the forum for the most active posts or threads is a great way to identify topics as well, and provide people some fodder for that talk. Any more compelling / good threads?

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Also PS made it editable as a wiki, so if others have ideas please add them directly!