GOSH 2018 program and the "ways to scale"

As part of the organisation of the 2018 program, we are discussing the different definitions of “Scaling” in Open Science Hardware. Scaling in production? Scaling through people and diversification? Scaling through traditional investor model (e.g. opentrons)? Scaling through Kit model? Scaling through well documented model? Scaling access and usage of existing designs / protocols - (public lab style)?, Scaling through contributions to existing projects (as opposed to starting from zero)?…how to scale from the perspective of the GOSH roadmap and the goal of making OScH ubiquitous by 2025?

We would like to hear your opinion on the ways to scale and suggest examples (specially those present in Shenzhen)
Please @dusjagr @gbathree Ji add anything I forgot. Thanks!


"we are discussing the different definitions of “Scaling”

For me scalling is intention to reach to a certain level, to respect certain norms. takes like that, it is not too far from “Hierarchisation”. I am not sure that Hierarchisation and Ubiquity as mentionned in our roadmap are good to merge.

I am not very confident in my english, but this is my way to understand scaling.

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