GOSH 2018 in Shenzhen, China

Dear All

The GOSH Organisers have carefully considered many locations for GOSH 2018 and are now looking to finalise Shenzhen, China with a date TBC in Sep/Oct 2018. Thank you to all those who provided suggestions and information over the last few months!

We welcome any comments you have on this choice either here or to organizers@openhardware.science.

More details will follow and if you’re keen to get involved in any aspect of the organisation, implementation or documentation then watch this space for opportunities!


On behalf of the GOSH 2018 Organising Committee:
Shannon Dosemagen
Fernan Federici
Greg Austic
Marc Dusseiller
Francois Grey
David Li
Jenny Molloy


Woo-hoo! Huaqiangbei here we come! \o/
We need to get our friends at SZDIY to join us.

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I know some people on Shenzhen DIY. Specially at Open FIESTA. I can help out in whatever needed with the organization!

Great! GOSH is coming to Asia!

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We have started a wechat group on “Open Science Hardware in China” last summer. please feel free to join and say hello to that group.

i know, that some of us are not on this social media channel, but we’ll need it to reach out to more local people in Shenzhen. at the same time i’ll try to shift those users to this forum to have a archived discussion for future global collaboration.

here is the login QR link, valid until 24. Jan. we’ll add new ones if needed.

Hey @dusjagr can you please add anew wechat code! 谢谢!

I would like to help in any way I can, specially with documentation! :slight_smile:

@edu.biomusical - help and documentation, those are words we love to hear!
Dates and more info on GOSH 2018 coming soon, stay tuned :smiley:

Hi Jenny,

I can take photos as well as I did last year, so count on me for documentation too!

I wish I can attend <3 Happy to help with documentation if I manage to get to Shenzhen! Or any other work you can delegate and can be done remote.

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I won’t make it to China this year but count me in for whatever is needed that can be done remotely :slight_smile:

It seems the QR code is expired. Can someone please post an updated one here? TIA.

Darn missed the scan code by one day–can you update again? Thanks!

I also would need it again. Seems like WeChat pay might work with HK sim + visa

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here is a new one

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Hi @dusjagr

Will you please add +263775625283