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Hi everybody!

GOSH 2018 gathering is getting closer and I’m really excited about our great challenge as a documentation team. There are specific roles to be covered in such a coordinated way that we get the most constructive and collective result as possible that better reflects the gathering.

The main areas to be covered are:
Social Media
Report Writing
Press Management

Many of you have already manifested your interest in being a volunteer in one of these areas. Anyway, if you didn’t yet do so, let us now your preference!


Because of issues with my company (self-employed) for my Visa, I will only be able to take notes at the meetings–no media stuff.

Ok Leslie, thanks for the information!

Hi @laola I can help with photography :slight_smile:

Hey @Pollock! That’s great! I will be back to you to let you know when we will have our next video meeting !

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Hi! for me, report writing, social media (and snap shots) was what I can be the most help with during GOSH2018. Looking forward!

just put up a new topic looking for local help for us in regards to translations etc… hope its ok (move or change if you like, Laura!)!

Hi @Rachel That’s great! :slightly_smiling_face:
@Pertina is for Report writing. Does anyone else join this area?

Yes @Rachel, you are definitely right. Think that @JiLi and @besarzasella can help us with translations and more!


Just letting you know that I reached out to Rockets who will be with us in China. I’m not sure he can help with translation as our conversation is slow on WeChat.

I am here available for what you might need (photos, media, translation -Into Spanish)

Hi, I’m also finally here! For reports, mainly in Spanish, and also some social media -as long as we can reach the platforms? You’ll tell me!

Hi @Zengirl2! It will be great to meet Rockets at the documentation team meeting that finally will put us in contact face to face. It will be next Tuesday Oct.9th at 11h at the Vienna Hotel as meeting point. So please if you can reach Rockets let it know!

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Hi @Analia! Welcome! Next Tuesday Oct.9th we will have our first face-to-face meeting to self-organize our team. It will be at 11 o’clock at the entrance of the Vienna Hotel. It is very welcome your help!
You can find at WeChat , My ID is lauraolalde18
See you there!


Hi @marbasch! Nice to meet you! We will have our first face-to-face documentation meeting next Tuesday, Oct. 9th at 11h at the entrance of Vienna Hotel. So it will be great to meet you there !
In the meanwhile you can reach me at WeChat as ID lauraolalde18

Thanks @laola! I will be there!

I would like to join but i will be arrive on the 11th. I guess i will join the team on arrival. :slight_smile:

You will be very welcome on the 11th. Just let me know which area do you you want to join when arrived!
see U soon! Have a nice trip

In October 9th at 11:00 pm we had a meeting of the documentation team at the Vienna Hotel.

Participants: Leslie Birch, Saad, Shubby, Ivan, Jenny Molloy, Juanma, Ji Li, Friya, Laura, Leonardo.

  • Based on previous meeting we planned how to document and communicate to the world what we are doing at GOSH
  • Distribute in some areas:
  1. Press release
  2. Photography
  3. Social Media
  4. Videography
  5. Final Report
  • Focus on specific tasks so we can better distribute the work
  • Try to separate in different areas so we can focus in our goals
  • Press release:
  1. First day press release:
    1.1 Prepare a previous text today at 09:00 pm (meet at dinner place and go to Vienna Hotel)
    1.2 Elaborate a text to reflect what is happening during the first day (we have to think in a specific moment to get together and do it)
  2. Prepare material for the other day in order to have fresh register
  3. Examples:
    3.1 Roadmap and GOSH 2017
  • Photography
  1. There will be another meeting specifically for photography
  • Social Media
  1. It is better to share a link with photos than photos
  2. Participants from China have a strategic role on sharing the content
  3. Take 2 moments a day to remind people to share in their social media
    3.1 A one minute moment before lunch
    3.2 Remind of good tags to use
    3.3 Talk to Analia (Laura)
  4. The common ground to develop material for social media will be our local textpad
    4.1 In the end of the day the material created will be translated to mandarin and sent on WeChata
  5. The group decided to create a GOSH 2018 Facebook page to solve our immediate issue to have a big impact on social media
    5.1 The idea is to make it for this event only because it was a moment decision based on a specific demand with no much time for discussions
  • Topic Sessions:
  1. Shubby and maybe Rachel and Beatriz (Laura will talk to them) will be responsible
  • Videography
  1. There will be another meeting specifically for videography
  • Final Report
  1. We will follow the discussion about this topic in another moment
  • Approximately roles:
  1. Jenny (documents on topic sessions, questions about organization)
  2. Ji Li (local supporter, language issues, make an instance on the textpad, contact with MakerWeek)
  3. Juanma (Social Media and Press release)
  4. Shubby (Topic sessions)
  5. Leonardo (Press release and Final Report)
  6. Leslie Birch (Unconference documentation supervising and hints on communication)
  7. Saad (360 º Photography VEER platform with CC licenses and Press release)
  8. Rufus Pollock (Photography Social Media)
  9. Yvin (Translation)
  10. Friya (Official communication of Open FIESTA and translation)
  11. Laura (Coordination, Photography and Press release)