Good examples of open hardware documentation on github?

Hi All

I’m looking for open science hardware projects (inc code) that have been well documented on github or a similar system, to use as examples for some teams that are taking part in the Biomaker Challenge in Cambridge.

Any favourites? Self-nomination allowed of course!

Other nice documentation examples are welcome as the principles will remain the same, but given the teams will be using github and many haven’t before, we’re looking for good use of directory structure and READMEs etc. We’ve decided to use github for the purpose of having a central point for all the teams to document their work, but we’re aware it’s not a perfect solution. If anyone else has tips on documentation by multiple teams over prolonged periods without major custom web development required, do let me know!

On a related note, @Tobey what is the status of documentation guidelines after GOSH 2017? Was a guide pulled together and do you need any help there?


Hi Jenny,
The documentation guidelines collaboratively written and commented during GOSH17 are still in the consolidation phase (with @unixjazz). They will proceed, but perhaps not in time for the Biomaker challenge.

I can, of course, always recommend to use DocuBricks on GitHub and as a final presentation format, which likely yields far better and more detailed documentations.
This is also the approach of the Waterscope/OpenFlextureMicroscope: Creating DocuBricks documentations collaboratively on GitHub. This can be done easily via GitHub Desktop on collaborator’s computers and the DocuBricks editor to conveniently edit the XML and design files in the local directory.

Hi Jenny,

Apologies for the self promotion here. We have published the designs of all the Biohack Academy hardware projects in separate repositories here Including an incubator, centrifuge, stirrer, peristaltic and syringe pump, spectrometer, microscope, thermocycler and more to come in the future.

All the best,



@tobey thanks for the heads-up! we are going to return to the documentation guidelines (based on what we did pre-GOSH and what you did during GOSH) after we work on the roadmap / compass… so it might take a little while! Other people will contribute to it (who are not in the forum) such as Jérémy Bonvoisin.