GOAT 2022, we're looking for anthropology, sociology, and social science for ag folks

Hi GOSHers… I’m helping to organize the next Gathering for Open Ag Tech (GOAT), very much based on GOSH as a model.

We are really interested in encouraging more social science in ag, or social science in ag tech in coming to the conference. Do you have suggestions on places we could post or go, or even just a list of people we should explicitly invite? Especially I’m asking @jarancio @shannond @unixjazz … I know there’s a community but not as familiar with it.

Any help appreciated! @sudokita pinging you so you see this thread also.


4S (https://www.4sonline.org/) used to have a mailing list, but they may not anymore. I’ll share your message around and see what other places would be useful to post.

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Hi Greg! I think that maybe Almendra Cremaschi, coordinator of the open seeds initiative Bioleft, could be interested.

Something about her (in Spanish):

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@gbathree here’s instructions for submitting to the 4S newsletter:

Email items for the STS News pages and the Technoscience Updates newsletter to submissions@4sonline.org. Items may be edited for length. Please include a URL for the complete and authoritative information.

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I reached out to an anthro/STS friend. And she suggested trying the following 2 listservs: stsgrad@googlegroups.com

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Hey! It could be useful to post it to the STSGrad mailing list, I think it was also created by 4S: https://groups.google.com/g/STSGRAD

The one for EASST (European society) is eurograd@lists.easst.net

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@gbathree some other ideas from colleagues:

  • The Culture and Agriculture and Ecological Anthropology lists of American Anthropolocial Association (will send the listserve link to you in case you can’t find it)
  • Perhaps contact https://civileats.com/ and see if they can share
  • Also has sent it out to: Agriculture and Human Values list / Organic Seed Alliance / Cooperative Gardens Commission
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Thank you all this is super useful, I somehow missed a lot of this at the time but will follow up now, hopefully not too late!!!

Hi Greg,

Terribly late here… but one person that you want to talk to is Morgan, he is in France, but he works on the topic of open ag and it would be an excellent person to invite: