Getting an old data logger going!

Some scientists asked if I could look at their data logger. I said sure. I figured they were going to bring in something like one of those little PCBs from spark fun that has a little SD card in it they use for logging data.

But they brought in this amazing huge suitcase from the '80s. They say it doesn’t talk with their computer anymore or something? They were really vague.

Anyway they wanted to see if I could make a computer talk to it.

I figured I would share it here

A) mostly because I figured some of you nerds would be excited looking at something like this

B) the tiny tiny off chance that one of you is like, " ah yes the Campbell scientific from 1982, need to press this button and then it connects to the serial port or something" hahaha

This looks cool. You have probably already found the manual. Did you try the test code? It would be cool if you did a Zoom to share :slight_smile:

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I found the actual problem it doesn’t seem to turn on!

I tested the power supply and it seems to be functional, And so now I’m trying to chase where it’s not turning on.

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You may want to change all the electrolytic caps just as a matter of course and then retest. Those things are always suspect on old equipment.

I found a more specific problem,

When I test the sockets that the 12 v power supply plugs into for the ground and the power, They are shorted together. I even confirmed this by giving it a different power supply that quickly melted the wires going to it hahahah

So yeah something down the line is shorted out and this thing isn’t going on.

Thanks for the tip Harold

That’s good exploring for the day. Did these scientists have this unit previously working or did they recently purchase it from Ebay? Just curious if someone changed plug wiring intentionally.

Oh it was running since like the 80’s or whenever they first had it!

Yeah they just hired me to look at it for like an hour, so this might be the end of the road for now :slight_smile:

Oh wow, they were the owners. That’s too bad. I really hope it can be saved.

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