Get money to share with the swiss ;)

CHF 20,000 – CHF 150,000 for international collaborations between a Swiss institution and an international institution!
Deadline oct 2
"Swiss arts or cultural organization with one or more partners from around the world. "

“These can be, for example: music and exhibition venues, dance companies, literature platforms, cultural spaces or established networks and platforms”

Full details

The next gosh gathering seems like a perfect match for this kind of call if we are on the Hunt for funding

Though we have already had a gosh gathering at CERN.

I wonder if they would allow a Swiss institution to collaborate with a group to hold an event that isn’t in Switzerland?

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Of course we have been working towards this for a while already. That call had a pre-face and finally is up for submission. There is a discussion on the hackteria forum.
Sofar still many loose options and not yet a clear strategy has been formed.
Personally I see this as a great opportunity to establish our Hackteria ZET - Open Science Lab more professionally in the regional context, aswell as allow financially an intense international collaboration bi-directionally. mbe gotta choose a region / such as Indonesia, or East Asia, as we have already good partners there.

i’ll keep you posted on our process.

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Super cool!