Generic data logger

Hey GOSHers!
I am lurking for a while now and I am involved with some of you in the real world already.
Anyway, I am at a workshop in South Africa working on advanced Open Hardware. we will build on a very versatile data logger that can be used in nearly all possible situations. The device will be based on an STM32, it is just more powerful then Arduino. It can save the data on an SD card in very high speed and to large cards (128GB). In the end the device will sample temperature and humidity, weight per scale, many ADC channels to measure soil moisture, due point and many others. It already contains a capacitance sensor that can be used in all kind of weird ways, it is very sensitive towards water nearby, and living things. We maybe could implement rain and wind sensors. (Gases like CO or CO2 or organic gasses could be possible but quiet expensive).
It will have a display for some output (errors or slow live data).
It could use LoRa to send data wirelessly very far without using external infrastructure, and maybe also WiFi and GSM (SIM card). It will work on 5V USB - smartphone charger off the wall, or batteries or solar. We will probably design 3D printable cases that is water tight and very stable. It has an GPS for location tracking and RTC for precise time stamps.
Please let me know if you know any sensors that would be of interest in the context of environmental monitoring. Or experiments in any other context. The good thing about this logger are the maybe 8, maybe 20 ADC channels that can be sampled with 12 bit at 10 kSps per channel. Put OpAmps on the ADCs and get super wild behavioral data, dynamic data. We are appreciating your input. Thanks


Share a repo or it didn’t happen! :stuck_out_tongue:


:slight_smile: we’re trying to build out a list of LOTS of sensors here:

And also, we’d love to offer to host your project in our growing list of datalogger projects – we’re trying to develop a coalition model, where projects can share resources, tutorials, troubleshooting, etc instead of developing them in silos:

We’d be happy to cooperate, and to feature your work!


Hi there,
Particulate matter sensors work reasonably well.