Gel Documentation system

I’m Hamza from Pakistan and relatively new to this community. We were developing a Gel Documentation system for viewing and documentation of agarose gel.
Our Gel documentation will be a cheap and effective alternate and will be using normal DSLR camera for imaging. Light options for UV, Blue and white light will be there.
Its just start and being new here i’m looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.Following are few sample design ideas

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Hi, how are you going to place your LEDS?

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We are planning to install in array but keeping in mind issues of possible dark spots we would try to find most suitable distance. If array system don’t work we would try to install on illuminator’s walls for more uniform light

Welcome to the GOSH Community @hamza!
The box design looks really nice, are you aiming to laser cut from plastic or construct from wood/metal?

You might find the FluoPi design useful in terms of uniformity of light from arrays of blue LEDs and for filters. @Prosimio, Tamara & @ffederici had to search about for good acrylic for the filter and diffusive materials. Bi.xels has also deployed translucent acrylic for diffusion which works well.

UV LEDs are still quite expensive, most people who have designed UV transilluminators have used bulbs (like IO Rodeo) so you’ll have some interesting layout issues in the base to include that alongside the blue LEDs. Keep us updated on the plans and if you have any questions that come up! I think at least 3 people on the forum have designed some kind of transilluminator so plenty of knowledge to share here!