FOSSASIA Summit 2021 Call for Speakers for Open Hardware Track

The FOSSASIA Summit (Hybrid) will take place from March 13-21, 2021. The call for speakers is open until February 4 (soft deadline) and for late submissions until February 11. There are dedicated tracks for Open Hardware, Firmware, Chip development, Linux, Python and more that are relevant for the OSH community. Please submit your session, lightning talk or workshop.

Confirmed speakers include Greg Kroah-Hartmann (Maintainer Linux Kernel), Mitch Altman (Open Hardware Legend), Padmal M. (Lead Pocket Science Lab), Joseph Spisak (Lead PyTorch), Ron Minnich (Founder Coreboot), Frank Karlitschek (CEO Nextcloud), Alessandro Volpato (Biohacker) and many more.

Free tickets are available here

Speakers in Singapore can conduct their session in the broadcast hub for online distribution in the Lifelong Learning Institute or run workshops with local attendees with up to 50 participants in the dedicated space.

The event is exclusively run on FOSS.