FOSDEM 2019 - CAD and Open Hardware Call for Participation



I go to FOSDEM every year as it’s the biggest European conference about free and open source software. It’s quite unusual for a conference as there is no fee and none of the 8000+ attendees have to register. Everyone just kind of descends onto the Solbosh university campus in Brussels and somehow it all works out (with a lot of hard work by the organizers of course). There are multiple “devrooms” on different topics and the @Javier and others from CERN and elsewhere organise one about computer aided design, electronic design automation and more recently open hardware, every year.

I encourage you to apply to give a talk about your open hardware projects or about any other ideas surrounding open hardware.

This is the call for participation in the FOSDEM 2019 devroom on
Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools and Open Hardware, to be held on
Sunday 3 February 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. We are looking for
contributions under the form of talks and tutorials covering the
following main topics:

  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design tools (e.g. KiCad and gEDA)
  • Analogue and digital simulators (e.g. ngspice, Qucs, Gnucap, Xyce,
    GHDL, Icarus and Verilator)
  • Any other EDA tools such as high-level tools for digital hardware
    design (e.g. Migen) and HDL synthesis tools (e.g. Yosys)
  • Field solvers such as openEMS
  • Mechanical 2D and 3D CAD tools such as LibreCAD, FreeCAD, OpenSCAD and
  • Open Hardware projects such as the Teres laptop and the lowRISC SoC
  • Inter-project opportunities for collaboration

We hope to provide an opportunity for attendees to bring themselves up
to date on the latest FOSS CAD and Open Hardware developments, share
knowledge and identify opportunities to collaborate on development
tasks. This devroom is an evolution of the EDA devroom we organised in
2015, 2016 and 2017, which enlarged its scope in the CAD and Open
Hardware devroom in 2018.

More details:


Just received a reminder from @Javier

Dear all, we have two weeks to go before the deadline for submissions.
If you are considering submitting a talk, now is a good moment. Also, if
you know of projects you would like to see presented, please reach out
to them or let me know so I do. Any other ideas for presentations are
also welcome. Just post them here or contact me off-list and I’ll do my
best to make them happen.