Flax and Hemp processing tools

I’m looking for info on tools for processing fibre plants (namely flax and hemp) into fabric! Breaking, decorticating, scutching, hacking and spinning tools are all of interest to me. I know this is done on a large industrial scale (mostly in China) already, but I’m interested in something more cottage-industry sized, so a small farmer could process their own crops in collaboration with local artisans, and create a small local farm-to-fadhion supply chain, rather than a global one. I’m planning to make prototype tools myself this summer but if you have any info or leads on people already doing this I’d love to know about it!

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


I’m very curious about this too! Mostly my interest is in fast-growing “weed” plants and waste, such as bamboo, banana, and pineapple. There are a handful of small decorticators on youtube, are you looking for something smaller?

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