First version of the Curriculum!

Hi folks!

We are very happy to share that the first version of Open Hardware Makers Curriculum is online!

You can find it here

In order to make this even better, we would like to ask everyone that has time and interest to have a look at it and make comments, suggestions and criticism!!!

These can come via messages on this thread, github issues or private messages to me, @jarancio and @vektor.

A little background on how this curriculum came about:

  • Back in 2021 we had a community call and asked people to make comments and suggestions on a pilot curriculum.
  • With the community feedback we contacted experts (some of them from this community, some from other open hardware communities) to make sense and “digest” the incredible feedback/suggestions we had from the previous call.

With both feedback (community and experts), the three of us came up with the version we are sharing today! So for us it makes sense to share this again with the GOSH community and get your comments and suggestions for it.

We will launch a cohort call soon, stay tuned!


This looks really good except it promotes Microsoft’s proprietary Github platform.

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Hi Jebba! Thanks for leaving a comment.

Regarding platforms, the program is intentionally platform-agnostic (see OHM Basics – Our approach); we know platforms like GitHub exclude specific groups of users. Whatever platform you choose, we promote you adopt standards that are cross-platform and increase discoverability, like Open KnowHow.

I copy it here:


During the last years we have seen an incredible growth in the number of platforms that offer hosting for open hardware documentation. In this program we invite creators to use the documentation platform better suited for their purposes and community, rather than making specific recommendations. We encourage though practices that enable collaboration and increase discoverability across these multiple platforms.

I understand the observation may come from our work on the curriculum in GitHub. If this is the case, this is why we are also giving the option to send us feedback via private message or this forum post.


Perhaps add a section on Openwashing.

Thanks @jebba! could you please let us know a little more where you think Openwashing would fit in our curriculum?


It is possible to set up repository mirroring where a synchronized copy of what’s currently on GitHub can be mirrored on, for example, GitLab. I wonder if the GOSH GitLab account can help with this, @briannaljohns? Or should this not use a GOSH-affiliated account?