Fellowship opportunity


Inaugural Socio-Environmental Knowledge Commons (SEEKCommons) Fellowship cohort.The fellowship aims to bring graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and professionals from community-based organizations to socio-environmental research with open technologies. The fellowship is designed to encourage new integrative practices involving environmental and climate action research with Open Science practices, and provide a space for Fellows and SEEKCommons network members to connect on research issues/challenges/solutions, and put into practice network resources.The Fellowship is meant to supplement other commitments, will be nine months in duration (we will also do a second cohort in 2025), and fellows will receive either a $8,000 or $12,000 stipend. Nine fellows will be selected for each cohort." Applications Now Open for the 2024 Fellowship | SEEKCommons (It’s USA funded, but you DON’T have to be USA-based to apply, so long as you can be awake when they are…)

open hardware mentioned explicitly: * Open Hardware instrumentation for socio-environmental projects;


just bumping this again, because this is super cool!