Feedback, "so I want to start an OSciH project... now what"



Hey guys, so @mariafrangos and I are working on this web-based walk through for someone who is considering what to do with their project next… make a business? document it and call it a day? use a open value network model? publish it in Hardware X? workshop it? something else?

In that context, I’m making a list of the most important questions you need to ask yourself when you’re making that decision of how to move forward. We’ll then ask people who have taken that path in the GOSH movement, and record their answers. Our hope is to help bring more people in to the movement because they can more clearly see how and where they fit, given their life, their preferences, and their beliefs.

I’d love to hear the questions you asked yourself when you started your project. Here’s my starting list:

How much time are you willing to invest? (a lot, some, a little, none)
How much money are you willing to invest? (a lot, some, a little, none)
How many people would use it? (no one, a few, some, lots, everyone!)
How much risk are you willing to take? (a lot, some, a little, none)
Do you like making and selling stuff? (yes, sort of, no)
Do you care if other people use it? (yes, sort of, no)
If so, which people do you most care about? ( named groups )
What equipment will you need? (a lot, some, very little)
What resources do you have access to use? (a lot, some, a little, none)
How do I find collaborators and contributors? ( named locations )

Finally, I’d actually love to start a podcast from the interviews (similar to the AmpHour, a great podcast for hacker/maker/electrical engineering kind of stuff). If you are interested in that, please drop me a line. Especially someone with a different background that me.

Thanks for the feedback!


Love this idea Greg. A few more questions come to mind:

Who is the audience you want to reach with your project? (e.g., are they hackers/makers who would be comfortable building it themselves? Could they make it from a kit? Would they rather buy a finished product?)
How much would people be willing to pay vs how much does it cost to produce?
How difficult/complicated is it to make? (i.e., what is the skill level required for people to replicate it?)
How easy/difficult is it for people to source the components?