Feedback on some GOSH community engagement projects!

Hi everyone!

I am working on some projects for GOSH that can help engage new members of the community, and it would be great to get some feedback from you all on some of the materials I’m working on. These are the two main documents I am focusing on at the moment:

  • A 2-page welcome guide that describes how to get involved with GOSH, ideally to be shared on the home page of the GOSH site
  • A how-to guide to the GOSH forum, that can be sent to new members automatically when they join the forum

As I work on these projects, it would be great to have some sort of process in place for providing feedback on community outreach/engagement materials like this. I could either share the materials directly on the forum and anyone can give feedback, or we could have a working group of community members who are willing to give their feedback on this sort of stuff. A dedicated working group may be more reliable than just sharing on the forum and hoping someone sees it and responds :slight_smile: Curious what you all think?

I’ve already created a draft of the welcome guide (you can view a pdf and google doc of it here), we could use this to try out a process for providing feedback?

-Bri :v:

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Thank you to those who provided feedback on the welcome guide last week! Based on your responses, I have made some changes (which are reflected in the google doc) and now have a welcome guide that’s ready to be shared on the GOSH website. The current home page on the GOSH website features the 2018 Gathering at the top, I’d like to change this to feature both the video and welcome guide at the top, and have drafted a rough outline of how this would look on the staging site. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this!

A quick note on the welcome guide
The welcome guide is a living document, and if we would like to make changes in the future, just do so in the google doc and the PDF version can be updated alongside it.

How I will share these community engagement projects going forward
I’ll continue to share these projects via forum threads, as that seemed to work for this project. Community members can provide feedback by sending me an email or editing the documents asynchronously.


Hi all! I just updated the main GOSH site to include the welcome guide :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the feedback! I will follow up soon with some other projects I am working on.

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