February 2024 GOSH newsletter: call for curated papers and projects!

Hi everybody!

I am organizing the next GOSH newsletter and inviting you to share any new open science hardware papers, projects, or initiatives you would like featured! You can share them on this thread or send them to me via private message or email.

What is the GOSH Newsletter, and how do I subscribe to it?

The GOSH community newsletter is released every month, and you can sign up here to receive the newsletter via email.

Each newsletter features the latest global open science hardware news and updates, information on upcoming GOSH events, career and job opportunities, and curated papers and projects selected by community members. Once each newsletter is published, I also share a link to it from the newsletter archives we set up.


Opportunity: African Research Leaders – UKRI
Thank you @jcm80 for sharing

A report of our work ( Towards informed and supported motherhood) in Benin listening about 360 rural area pregnant women. A key insight from the report: 2 of the 360 women who took part had had an ultrasound scan once for medical follow-up during pregnancy. OSF