FAIR for hardware, news from RDA

Dear all,
in October last year, we started to build a group with the goal to define FAIR principles for hardware, with the objective to foster hardware documentation in academia, as well as developing an ecosystem that would recognise this work.

Here is a video that (hopefully) explains best what we want to achieve and how: FAIR for research hardware. RDA plenary presentation 2022

Our next step is to define “research hardware” and we are building a specific task force. Please do join our group, we could use your help, and I am convinced we can help you in return (see Let us create a globally inclusive dialogue on Open Science Hardware (OSH) standards – AfricArXiv).

link to join: Log in | RDA

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@Juliencolomb Thank you for the information! I just created an RDA account. Looking forward to contributing to WG with South American perspectives.

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@juliencolomb Thank you so much for starting this. I’m definitely on board!!! I actually try to learn more about ethical and fair trade hardware since around two years and would love to get more involved.

Yes, I also just signed up for an account, but only can start using it tomorrow.