"EyeHear" - Mentor meetings notes

This thread will be used to document the exchanges between mentor & mentee of the project EyeHear .

After each meeting you can add your notes as a reply to this thread, so you can have all your notes in one place. Remember the forum is a public place, don’t document any personal information.

Here’s a suggested format for taking notes, feel free to copy and paste with your notes for each meeting.

Mentor meeting 1

  • Date:
  • Attendees:


  1. Recap from previous meeting (or expectations & goals if this is your 1st meeting)
  2. This week’s assignments: questions, doubts, challenges?
  3. Timeline: are we on track?
  4. Contacting experts: do we need help?
  5. Any other questions or comments?

Actions for next meeting


Date: 23rd March,2022
Attendees: Hilda, Denis and me

Recap: Got a better knowledge and access to the project repository
Timeline: Little behind

Mentor Meeting 2

Date: 19 April 2022
Attendees: Andre, Louwrens, Rohit, Amirthaa, Denise, and Hilda


  • Recap on project’s progress
  • What kind of support do we need to move the project forward?
  • Any other questions or comments

Actions for next meeting

  • Update the project’s GitHub page with the most recent documentation
  • Discuss how to present information to someone who is new to the project and how to involve contributors into the project
  • Provide more specific information on our project canvas
  • Look for people who are knowledgeable about design and user experience to take a look at our prototype and improve EyeHear’s usability. We’re currently unsure about the look and feel of EyeHear, it’s functional but we don’t know if it’s the best way to implement the solution.
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