Extra-Event: maximise your journey in Ghana

In addition to the three-day summit, we are preparing extra-events activities (workshop, funny party, etc…) to open up more collaborations and ensure you maximise time spent in coming to Ghana. to join any activity, just comment by mentionning it. To suggest any extra-event activity, just reply to these questions:

  • how long will you stay in kumasi?
  • which activity (workshop, hackaton, wetlab, performance, funny party…) do you propose?

@dusjagr any hackteria school?

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I will be in Kumasi for a week and would like to participate in a hackathon


Hi everybody.
Me, I’m also thinking to a hackaton (a short one; 6-12 hours)
I’m sure that many of people who will come will have some projects about open science, or open acces.
It’ll be very interesting if the ones who have ideas of projects get occasion to make them reality.
For instance, if someone want to build a web plateform, or an app, etc… he can get help form others to do a prototyp of his idea.

What do you think of that ?



Hello Thomas
I will be in Ghana for a week. I think workshop and performance will be fine.


I will like to see some historic places in Ghana after the whole submit


i will be in kumasi till late May God willing.i wish to be part of all the programs so i can learn to socialize and learn.If that will be a problem then workshop and performance will match my taste.

Am happy that am able to pay my Registration fee today

Hi everyone! I think that is good ideas. I have one idea. I trust that created open science club in each Africa university is important for our home development. So we can build a web platforme for open science club…the website where member can register and learn new things with MOOC. What do you think about that?

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A hackaton will do. So those with ideas to promote open science and open access to work on their ideas.

That’s nice, for those with fresh ideas about open science and hardware to discuss and communicate with others

I would like to go on some kind of nature hike maybe today (thursday). any good places to check out? Owabi wildlife sanctuary?