Experts review questions

I thought it might be useful to have a place where experts can ask questions about the review.
So here we are.

I have 2 messages. The first is kind of a bug report:

There are 2 identical questions in the form we have for the review.

The second is that we need to access the Open Hardware Canvases of participants. But they are stored in Google Drive. I asked permission to access them for my projects. I hope to have access soon.
Seems like an inconvenience to me as I devoted time to the review and now I can’t do it because I need to wait for the permission. Can we at least make sure that the participants will grant access soon?
Can we make it faster in the future?

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@amchagas @jarancio @vektor

Hi Dennis,

Very sorry about the bugs!

We really appreciate your time and you are completely right. It was a mistake with the permissions on the folder and it is now corrected. Please let me know if there are any other problems? I will leave this thread open for the rest of the evening just in case.


Fixes confirmed. Thank you

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Sorry, Dennis also from my side. We had huge problems with the gform resetting. That’s something which is definitively not build for collaborative working.

Ooh yes this open hardware canvas stuff I failed to understand how it works ,after downloading,its not editable.
I am confused somehow,I need rescue and my question is:

(a) how do we contribute to the project of others and vice versa?
(b)Citing an example of ASKnet we were contributing to other people’s projects on github wat will be for GOSH?
The progress of the project can not be assessed from mentor to Mentee meetings to me.