Events on Mon 27 and Tuesday 28

Monday 27 at 19:00:

Talk from Phil Ross at School of Design and Architecture. In Campus Lo Contador of Catolica University, El Comendador st (map)

Tuesday 28 at 15:45:

Symposium tools for open source biology and biotechnology at Sala Abate Molina, Casa Central Campus. Universidad Catolica (map)

"The Open Material Transfer Agreement"
Jenny Molloy.

OpenMTA catalyses collaboration through open exchange. It is a standard legal agreement for transfer of biological materials that allows open reuse and redistribution while retaining protections for the distributing institution. OpenMTA is designed to accelerate the progress of research through reducing transaction costs, lessening the administrative burden on universities to receive and distribute DNA parts and other components, widening access to organisations with limited resources, maximising knowledge transfer and ultimately the impact of research. This talk will cover the design goals of the OpenMTA, its implementations and the benefits for institutions and society.

Phil Ross, BioBricks Foundation & Stanford University

The Bionet is a project of the BioBricks Foundation that looks forward to the internet of biological things, using an open technology foundation that enables scalable peer-to-peer exchange and provenance tracking for materials used throughout biomedical research. In this talk Phil Ross will describe the work he has contributed to the Bionet as a designer and scholar of biotechnology. Phil will share his experiences and work on open source technologies, as well as the implications for the living world as it becomes subject to greater administrative controls within entities such as the Bionet.

We need your voice in this event. Please come!

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18:00 a 19:00 Sala 32 (second floor)
19:00 a 21:00 Auditorio de arquitectura (fourth floor “edificio de madera”)