Energy-efficient Single Board Computers/Raspberry Pi Setups for Rural Schools


I have been working on Makerspaces/Fablabs in urban setups in Zimbabwe using the Raspberry Pi as the main computer. I need to take to the concept to rural setups where off-grid electricity is prevalent. Does anyone have recommendations or ideas of energy-efficient Single-Board Computers/Raspberry Pi setups suitable for power constrained rural environments?

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Hi Solomon,

You might have some luck using battery packs like this with any of the Zero (Consume less power) model of the Raspberry Pi.



Just curious, but what do you intend to do with the computers?

If it’s for general user computing, it seems to me the display will be the most power hungry.

If it’s for M2M or sensor systems, I would use a microcontroller.


Hi Harold,

For both apparently, these schools just got subsidised Internet access but some dont have computers and we also want to teach them basic programming using Arduino and Microbit as we have done with other disadvantaged communities before.

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