Education sessions at GOSH 2017

Links below to the various sessions at GOSH 2017 that I feel have particular relevance to the education community (educators). An argument could be made that all the sessions have relevance for the education community; this is just an attempt to pull together the sessions focused primarily on OScH and education. Please add links to additional sessions that you think should be included.

Workshopology | (OSH) tools enabling teaching

Education and OScH

diy-CAD - Creative Circuit-Board Design Tool for Gär Lämpli (發酵小燈)

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Hi @dbild It is not a links to aditionnal sessions, but I want to share this wonderful book just released yesterday. It is very relevant for our work in education particularly and in GOSH.

@rpez can you add a category “workshopology” and a tag?

i put this book for download on our wiki:
simple playful stuff on bio-electronix, also the microscope.


Hi @dusjagr, In sure can, but besides the tag, wouldn’t these posts fit well within the Education Category? It is not possible to create a category into a level inside Education. It seems strange to me to have a workshopology category side-by-side to “education”. In this case, tags seems more suitable. I have just upgraded your trust level to 3 so that you may add tags.

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