Edinburgh Open Research Conference 2023 - part hybrid meeting submissions due 2023-03-27

FYI, the Edinburgh Open Research Conference 2023 is coming up 15-17 May 2023 in, well, Edinburgh, Scotland. The meeting is partially hybrid with remote participation, and part in-person.

Submissions for presentations, workshops, posters, or stalls are open until next week, 27 March 2023 here:


I suspect attendees will be mostly (50+%) from the UK, but they’re trying to be international, too.

@briannaljohns: I might consider submitting a presentation proposal to talk about open science hardware and GOSH, but if accepted will need to pick your brains since you’ve introduced GOSH in so many ways on so many occasions. How does this sound? If people are on board, I’m happy to submit a proposal.


Hi @hpy! You should definitely submit a proposal :slightly_smiling_face: and I am more than happy to help out with the proposal, or just chat with you more about how I’ve been presenting GOSH!

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@briannaljohns cool I’ll reach out to you with specifics/questions!