Documentaries/films about open science, open hardware?

hola ahí,

What documentaries or short films would you recommend -if any- regarding open science/hardware/knowledge? (all or any) In any language (hopefully not just English).

This is an example



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Hi! This is a nice documentary on open access science publications:

good, thanks! @NPalopoli

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I’d say that there needs to be one on Open Science Hardware :stuck_out_tongue:

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we made a documentary…

more specific about the event we had in yogya, but it also talks about diy and open sciencd hardware.



Heyo! Wow!!! Amazing.
Will watch. I don’t know how I missed this D:

Red Hat hosts a series of short documentary films called “Open source stories”. The top one on that page, “THE SCIENCE OF COLLECTIVE DISCOVERY”, features public lab among others. I’ve watched several of them and they are really well done.


Have a look at It covers some of the collaboration between Biologigaragena nd Novozymes

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