Do you need diagrams for your hardware/ science/ theoretical projects? I want to help you!

Hello! One of my goals from the end of GOSH 2018 was to focus more on visual scientific + technical communications. And I might as well try to ask around here!

Do you have a manual/ documentation/ Tweet/ project/ academic paper that you need an illustration for?
I am looking to build my portfolio in visual scientific and technical communications for OSH! I am interested in drawing devices, squishy things, microbial behavior etc.

Depending on the project and what your resources are, I’m willing to illustrate at a heavily discounted rate or for free (I don’t know how long this offer will be available for)!

About my experiences:
I am an industrial designer who has worked on product design (but left that life because there was not enough science) who also loves science.

I have facilitated, mentored and organized things like this: because I’m passionate about making science accessible to general audiences through the tools of visual communication.

I also like to doodle: and am flexible with styles as long as you have a reference for what you want. Most of the technical illustrations I have done for clients, have been for proposals for corporate gigs.

Please let me know if you’re interested!


Hi @small_peanut I really like your diagrams! I’m starting a proyect for building OS scientific hardware and might need some diagrams…I’ll contact you. Cheers

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Hi ananda,

in fact we could use some help for our open synth hardware… the mixtape instructions are still very limited.

it’s not very squishy, but could use some graphics and sketches to improve the soldering instructions, how to upload code etc.
the indonesian version has already some pages in the manual.
we sticked to the geeky 8bit style for now, but hand-drawing would also be super cool

i hope the business will grow over the next months… so i could give you a share, small fee at some point.


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