Do people know what the council is doing

Hi everyone :gosh:

Do you know what the council has been doing since we got elected? Do you want to know more? If so, what form should this information take?

I assure you we are all working hard, but like all things getting started has been slow and technical. It is important we do it well and create a healthy working structure for councils in the future. We do keep minutes for our meetings, as representatives for an open community I am sure we are all happy to share them. I just think we have all been so deep in the weeds that I don’t think we have done so.

Would a dump of meeting minutes be helpful? Should we curate summaries? Let us know how what would be best.


Hi all
I like the idea of being able to follow the council discussion through their meeting minutes (something similar to what the Community Governance working group did) but maybe for the “old” meetings is best to have a summary
Thanks for the iniciative I think it adds a lot for transparency and community engagement


Thanks @nanocastro!! I like your suggestion of perhaps having meeting summaries in addition to a raw dump of the notes.

The other thing I thought about is that, for now, our Community Council meeting notes are in one long Etherpad pad. For better organisation (?!?! ala the other thread about archiving knowledge), we could regularly - such as after every five meetings or months - move old meetings notes into a separate archive somewhere with files organised by time, e.g. a GOSH Git repository with Markdown files named community-council-notes [begin date] to [end date].md.

Oooooh, and since there’s this whole newsletter thing that’s starting to happen, maybe we should write a summary of our meetings in each newsletter and link to the raw notes from there???

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I like the idea of archiving them as markdown somewhere like GitLab, and then posting a summary and link on the forum.



I agree with @nanocastro !

I like the idea of maximizing the use of the forum. A git could be “better” organized, but is harder to use, navigate and decentralized from the forum. So is better to centralize everything on the forum.
I like the idea of one thread called “Council Meetings Minutes”, and them all of them are posted on the same place.

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Update: We discussed this in the Community Council meeting today, and the idea is to (1) post meeting summaries in the forum for easier digestion; (2) keep the most recent raw meeting notes in an Etherpad pad; and (3) older notes are migrated into a GitLab repository for long-term archiving.

To me this sounds like an acceptable arrangement with accessibility for recent notes while taking advantage of the power of Git for storing older notes.

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I have started the GitLab archive. As many of us find the interface hard, the GitLab archive automatically creates a website to view the minutes:

It would be nice to mirror this on a GOSH domain. @briannaljohns who manages the hosting now, we just need to add an A/CNAME record and a TXT record for something like