DIY Emergency kits

Many cities in Peru have been devasted by heavy rains and flooding. Thousands of communities, schools, roads, bridges, and land crops have been destroyed. I would like to help my country for the next weeks. We have different places where we could make DIY Emergency kits. I was looking for a specialized platform but I didn’t find one. Do you know any platform where you could find from “How to make a simple solar charger” to “Low cost equipments for detecting malaria”? Let me know if you know one. Unfortunately this emergency happened last week:

sorry to hear,

one of the best resource is appropedia:

Malaria can be detected by a simple blood smear on a microscope slide, fixed with ethanol and stained with Giemsa. The only equipment you need is a cheap microscope. Or you can use a phone camera with an extralens attached.
But I’m sure emergency teams have that covered :worried:
And there is no use for a malaria kit if you don’t have an experienced microbiologist to look at the slides…