Dinacon Week 4 Update!

We just finished the final week of DINACON! After a period of more intense isolation and spead out wild hacking the Covid wave luckily has seemed to subside.

We have been carefully masking outdoors and building outdoor hacking spaces for folks who join in things like Monica Rikic 's “naturally soft robotics” workshops to make robots from foraged natural materials. We also fully deployed the Dreamboat! Andy got a grant from rhe New York Foundation for the Arts

And used all the money to build, implement, and maintain the latest field station for Dreamspace academy, the Dreamboat! It’s made from 4 repaired fishing hulls that attach together to form a platform capable of hold up to 10 scientists and artists at a time! We already even have addressable LEDs hooked up to some basic singing fish sensors that visualize when thr mysterious fish are singing!

Check out our latest newsletter here for photos and more descriptions

And with that the main event of Dinacon completed it’s third incarnation wonderfully!

But it doesn’t end there, throughout August and September we’ll be putting together the proceedings of all the projects created during Dinacon and sharing them of course freely and openly! We aim for the proceedings to be ready by the October international gosh event in Panama!

(See the previous proceedings for examples of past dinacons Book – The Digital Naturalism Conference )