Dinacon Week 1 Update!

Our big bonkers conference in Sri Lanka about Field biology and interaction design has already been off to a great start! The whole thing is a big collaboration with Dreamspace Academy and hackers and artists from around the world! It also lasts the entire month of july!

It’s a bit hectic trying to wrangle a massive unconference during a time of global unrest, and then specifically in Sri Lanka where there has been an economic crisis, fuel shortage, and a full on revolution against the government.

Last saturday, July 9, we celebrated our first open day at dreamspace where the participants could demo and exhibit what they have been working on the past week to the public! The mayor of Batticaloa came and even agreed to donate a new piece of land to Dreamspace academy! The concept of open day must have been popular throughout, because this was also the day that 1 million peaceful protestors stormed the presidential palace and occupied it until the president fled the country! We are wishing Sri Lanka a swift transition to a new government that works for the people and provides for their needs.

Meanwhile we are all still here on the ground helping build infrastructure for science, hacking, and recycling with the amazing local groups!

We also release a weekly newsletter of the projects from all the dinasaurs you can check out here: