Dinacon - Open Software Download Jamboree

I’m heading to Sri Lanka in 2 days for Dinacon and packing up lots of fun gear to build cool stuff with! I also want to download a bunch of Open Source Software tools to have ready and available for everyone! SEND ME LINKS TO OPENSOURCE TOOLS TO DOWNLOAD! GIMME ALL THE OSS!

Send me links for your favorite open source tools for

-3D modelling!
-Image editing
-word processing

  • book making
    -video editing
    -sensor data

don’t worry if i already have it, maybe i do and this will help me get updated versions anyway!
Maybe you are creating something that would be fun to have available for the scientists and designers there! Post a link and Ill download!

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classic! im getting all the OSes of it!

Here’s a big ugly batch of links to open source stuff im already adding to the pile of tools!







Everest Pipkin’s organized list of free tools is pretty great!