Digital Fertility research / art node of Mind thGAP

We would love to get some inputs and find collaborators for our project “Mind thGAP” - Transgenic Human Genome Alternatives Project. And yes, it’s an art project, but we’d love to involve some open minded open science hardware developers to further a diverse discussion on human germline editing.

After we finished our first series of workshops a few days ago, we have announced the “10 ways forward” (meanwhile grew to 15…) on directions we want to investigate in the coming months and years.

Of course some reproductive organ culture-on-a-chip… @pin is already on to it!

What is Digital Fertility? we don’t know yet…
but here for this community mbe there is someone interested to join the Digital Fertility research node and work on an “embryo dance party” on the OpenDrop? Egg or sperm sorting devices?

We are hosting the discussion on the hackteria forum (also discourse) here: