Detailed pre-GOSH schedule and activities

Dear early GOSH arrivaleros,

many of us have already arrived, slowly settling in, sleeping over our jet-lags and already started various visits and hacking activities. Together with our local partners we could now arrange a more detailed schedule of where to work on what during the pre-GOSH phase. See the following graphic as an overview:

pre-GOSH hacklab at SteamheadSZ and other visits

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th Oct - Collaborative Fabrication Meetings @ SteamheadSZ
Collaborative Fabrication Meetings @ SteamheadSZ

  • Saturday: Evening, with snacks and drinks sponsored by Ricolab.
  • Sunday: All day long, join us!
  • Sunday: 17:00 PCB design introduction, svg2Shenzhen, Kitspace, KiCAD
  • Sunday Evening, Hang-out - Fabrications and Fabulations

Yes, we already ordered some PCB from and received it at the door in less than 48h.

Here is the adress in english:
Room 205, 2nd Floor, Building A, Hua Guo Shan Community, Gong Ye 7 Road at Gong Yuan Road, Shekou, Nanshan, Shenzhen
and in chinese (taxi drivers prefer this):

Monday 8th visit to SZOIL
@besarzasella, @leosehn and the SZOIL team are happy to show you around at Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab, SZOIL. You are also welcome to use it as a workplace for the day.

Monday 8th & Tuesday 9 Oct - Open Soil Research @ openFIESTA
Let’s get started and work / setup up at openFIESTA, which also is our main venue for all the GOSH activities.
@nanocastro, @dusjagr, @gaudi
We will have time to more deeply discuss our shared interests in Soil Research, do some experiments together and setup the temporary labs in the venue.

  • Monday 11:00: Arriving at openFIESTA and seting up workspaces
  • Monday 15:00: Start of Circular Chromatography workshop @nanocastro Tuesday 9:00
  • Tuesday: 9:00 onwards: Work, Share, Hack

Let’s look at some Soil Circular Chromatography!

Tuesday 9th Oct: Visit to HAX and HQB organised by GOSH, 13:00
13:00 – Leave from hotel to visit Huaqiangbei Electronics Market
14:00 – 15:00 – Tour of HAX (near Huaqiangbei Market)

If you arrive in Shenzhen by October 9th, we’re planning to organize a bus to take people to the electronics market (about 40 minutes away) on the afternoon of the 9th. We will depart from the Vienna Hotel at 1pm, have a tour with HAX from 2-3 and you’ll be free to wander afterwards. If you are interested in this opportunity (and so we can make bus plans), please note your name here (nothing fancy, we just need your name).

Tuesday 9th Oct: Belt and Road International Maker Forum, 14:30-17:30 at Sino-Finnish Design Park

More info on this wechat page:

Tuesday 9th Oct Evening: Informal GOSH Welcome and Drinks @ openFIESTA and near Hotel Vienna
Yeah!!! Make sure you are joining the wechat group. we’ll be in restaurant very close to the Hotel.

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