Deadline October 3: Receive funding (500€) to develop your bioworkshops

Hi all! Sharing the following opportunity from the SOPbio initiative led by JOGL and iGEM:

SOPbio - First Edition
SOPbio is a community initiative to improve biology by fostering protocols that incorporate elements of awareness of biosafety and biosecurity risks associated with them. We aim at creating a community focusing on sharing safe biotech practices. SOPbio will support biology protocol creators by providing them a biosafety validation process and a grant (500 euros) to fully and clearly document their protocols in the public domain.

Submit your proposal by October 3rd for a chance to win up to 500 euros to hold your bioworkshop. Learn more about the rules and instructions for participating in the SOPbio initiative, promoted by JOGL and IGEM, here: SOPbio - First Edition | JOGL