[Day 4] Future of GOSH session


Convenor : Francois
Facilitator : Greg
Documentation : Juanma and Francois

Synopsis : We discussed a number of possible GOSH ACTIVITIES that would help move the GOSH agenda and Roadmap forward, and listed them in broad categories. Several participants then proposed or committed to do various activities.


There is no date or place set for a Global GOSH to follow on from Geneva, Santiago and Shenzhen.

The current organizers have suggested a gap of 18 months, which is both consistent with the time since the last Global GOSH and provides time for the Community to make substantial progress on a number of other issues that are key for the Roadmap, as well as organize a number of regional, local and/or thematic GOSH events.

Greg shared the requirements for doing a Global GOSH on the scale of the Shenzhen version, and said that the current organizers would aim to provide a more detailed set of instructions for how to do such a GOSH in the coming weeks.

The main points are: you need to start about 10 months ahead of time, raise about $100k (mainly for travel, if the goal is universal support). There is a large logistic effort that requires a team of people, including local organizers, to meet roughly once every two weeks online, for an hour, plus variable amounts of work between those meetings.

Other Global GOSH events are envisaged. Marc shared that Hackteria will organize a global event at Randelab near Zurich, in the forest. GOSHers are welcome. Dates TBC.

We discussed possible guidelines for events that want to use the GOSH name in their title or are run primarily for and by the GOSH Community – as opposed to events that already exist or are for wider communities. No specific proposal was made, but having some guidelines, in particular to ensure the GOSH spirit/ethic/Code of Conduct seems advisable. For regional events, we agreed that it would be good to try to include could 1-2 members from several other regions at each such event, so as to ensure sharing more widely.

GOSH events that are in the pipeline:
· Africa GOSH in Tanzania – VALARIAN (Spring 2019)
· India GOSH in Hyderabad – SHUBI (dates TBC, emphasis on residencies)
· FROSH – GOSH focussed on bio – MARC (dates and place TBC)
· Online events : GOSH Communities meeting via the forum / using teleconf (reduce GOSH CO2 emissions!)

We listed a range of other communities/events in which GOSH could participate. We agreed that people responsible should share updates on the forum, put events in the shared calendar.
· Education and Science in Mexico – Bioarts and Science - MINERVA
Panel about GOSH at WSIS – FRANCOIS
· Academic Conferences
· Openeye tech
· Digibio 2010 Toronto – RYAN
· AECD/Spain coop – NANO, FERNAN
· Open Science Day
· CCC – Chaos Computer Conference - LUCY
· Digital Naturalism DINACON – Panama

We discussed that residencies may be a more effective way to collaborate and advance the GOSH agenda. A number of potential residency destinations were mentioned.
· India GOSH residencies in Hyderabad – SHUBI (see above)
· GROLSCH (Global Residency + Open Local Science Hardware)
· Global Hackteria Residencies
· A proposal has been made in Spain for residencies in Latin America
· Shenzhen Residiencies SEEED/ OPENFIESTA – ERIC PAN, JI, DAVID LI
· Paris Residencies at CRI - JUANMA
· Geneva Residencies at GTI - FRANCOIS
· Panama Residencies - ANDY
· Ann Harbour Residencies – GREG

Several suggestions for actions were made:
· Documentary to illustrate GOSH Spirit (work on this during Shenzhen GOSH)
· Podcasts on OScH – Anne-Pia
· Global maps of GOSH (showing locations of people/labs, thematic maps, mapping OScH to SDGs etc) – organize a Mapathon
· Info Pack about GOSH for decision makers (Roadmap + executive summary, media pack, case studies, maps, roadmap

An initiative within GOSH that would be focused on education about/with OScH.
· Training events
· Webinars
· Archive of materials about OScH projects

· H2020 projects
· Fund residencies instead of events
· Use any travel money left over
· Possibly approach Sloan Foundation again, for residency funding


Since the notes from this session are also great, I would like to propose a longer version of the synopsis, that was very synthetic but a bit short. Just to remember, I would also like to mention TECNOx, that somehow was missed in the list above. Bellow I send the proposed summary and an updated list of participants.


Convenor : Francois @francois
Facilitator : Greg @gbathree
Documentation : Juanma @juanmagararc and Francois @francois
Attendees: @dusjagr, @saibhaskar, @juanpedro.maestre, @nanocastro, @laola, @marymaggic, @Analia , @shubhi, @vektor, @biomakers_lab, @pin, @Minecastel, @agnieszka, @pia, @alquimetricos, @Jsmleete , @JiLi, @magic.towers, @leosehn, @efeefe.


We discussed a number of possible GOSH ACTIVITIES that would help move the GOSH agenda and Roadmap forward, and listed them in broad categories. Several participants then proposed or committed to do various activities. The activities range from global to regional GOSH events, educational and promotional activities, and also ideas for fundraising. In the Global GOSH topic, organizers suggested a gap of 18 months for the next global edition and clarified some points to address in order to organize a global GOSH. With that in mind, 2019 would be a year to fortify the regional movements, and also thematic movements. The participants listed many different events in that sense to which they were committed. Residencies were also something recognized by the participants as an important next step and that we should focus on that for fundraising. Outreach activities suggested range from making a documentary to a podcast, including maps about GOSH Community. Educational activities, like training events and webinars were also considered an important issue to be addressed to advance with the Roadmap.

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