[DAY 4] Boosting Open Science Hardware in an academic context: opportunities and challenges


Academia has a lot to contribute to and gain from open science hardware. In this session students and researchers gathered to discuss the specific opportunities and challenges for OScH in academia and to form a working group to address them. We discussed the issues of institutional buy-in, particularly where many universities are conservative about approaches to intellectual property. Opportunities were highlighted to leverage the GOSH Community and network to produce guidance and case studies for universities and other stakeholders, put OScH on the agenda at large disciplinary conference and publicise in mainstream academic channels. In teaching, many examples wer put forward of student projects and informal initiatives from 3D-printing clubs to innovation labs and challenges. A major challenge is scaling these efforts to grow new communities, which requires significant time commitment from members of the community within their own institutions to take the initiative, experiment with ideas and be an example.

Blog Post for PLOS

PLOS specifically were interested in supporting any conversations on this topic so here is a blog that @jcm80 and @juanpedro.maestre wrote for them:


Please add any more you remember below and yourselves if interested to help :grinning: I have not cross-referenced to the GOSH 2018 actions on Gitlab yet!

  • Make a podcast on OScH in academia (???)
  • Create resources to advocate to stakeholders e.g. institutions/funders (@jcm80 @Moritz)
  • Example “Pathways to Impact” (UK) or commercialisation/impact statement for taking an open approach to technology (@jcm80)
  • Collect three main conferences from each contributor where we can have a place for OScH-related sessions (@Moritz)
  • Start from small groups to grow new communities e.g. 3D printing clubs (everyone - suggested by @amchagas)


coming soon…

Original post-it notes that led to this session

  • What are the challenges and opportunities for OScH at academic institutions
  • Boosting OScH in research projects (challenges and opps)
  • Achieve systemic change in science institutions so that they: 1) teach with OScH, 2) research with OScH, 3) Develop OScH, 4) Purchase OScH
  • Relationship— freelancers/hackers with institutions/big funded projects— exploitation?
  • Influencing institutions— getting open science hardware recognized and adopted at multiple levels
  • How do we get institutional support at academic institutions
  • How to assess the openness of a science/technology field? (e.g microfluidics)
  • How best to get OSH into curriculum/academia
  • How to spread GOSH in academia?
  • How can we teach people in research the importance of OScH