[Day 4] Alquimetricos Making Toys Workshop


Here’s some quick photos from the toy workshops from Alquimetricos!



reinforcements and natural materials


Beautiful record @hikinghack!!

I’m sharing the reference docs from Alquimétricos; They are far from well documented, but is something.
We are entering an intensive website refurbishing, there will be new materials posted soon!

After GOSH experience we’ve decided to add a specific science chapter to our website and communications material so we can share it with the open science education community. (Next quarter, hopefully) we will be asking every science person around how do they find Alquimétricos may be used as a science teaching tool, and building classroom guides, tutorials and downloadable DIY kits. Already started looking for support, any help finding it and building the thing up is more than welcome
Please, share it, hack it, tell us about your experience.



More photos. I think these ones are from @laola’s cam


There’s more from Kyrina’s @ mmexport1540861700293|375x500