[Day 3] - KiCAD PCB Designing Workshop


Hi Guys,

Here you go. Thanks to @kaspar for facilitating the session.

1. Isaac
2. Tamara
3. Pollock
4. Carmen
5. Tony Yet
6. Akshai M

Steps Involved :

  1. Make a new project.

  2. Think of a circuit, LED Circuit.

  3. Select Eeschema.

  4. Place components. Use shortcuts “A” to do placing. “R” to rotate. “M” to move.

  5. Place wires.

  6. Mark the values using “E”

7.Annotate and do CvPCB to do footprint assignment. Generate Netlist

  1. Open PCB editor and load netlist route components.
  2. To use 3d viewer use Alt + 3.
  3. Add GOSH 2018 Badge !
  4. File >> Plot >> Gerbers. Share the gerbers to PCB Manufacturer.
  5. Use tracespace.io to view the PCB files.


Thanks Akshai, you even added pictures! If anyone has any questions about KiCad feel free to ask here. There is also a very active forum about KiCad: