[Day 2] Story Telling and Communication for Open Science Hardware


Marcela Basch led the storytelling session at GOSH2018. Marcela is a journalist whose perspective on her work is that it is very important to be a translator in order to communicate the importance of others’ ideas, and especially the GOSH ideals. About 15 people, including a lawyer, a visual artist, a biologist and a software developer, contributed to the discussion. After an introductory round, when it came out that the majority of the group do not feel like they are great story-tellers, Marcela suggested that we split into groups and tackle the open science question first, with everyone saying what is the key issue to co-create a coherent story about the gathering. One group aimed at a general public audience, and the other at the trans-disciplinary open science research group. Imagery and text together were pulled together from the ideas and definitions, leading to a few fun points, for instance, ‘Science tools unchained’ and ‘Empowerment through collaboration’ - which one participant proposed to make into gifs.


Story telling Marcela Basch

how to talk about GOSH and other open ecosystems and motivate others to be interested and contribute.

Marcela as a journalist - doing translation in a sense, to communicate so people think things are important
Diff topics need diff forms of communication.
Each perspective and group has differing goals.

Agnieska with background in animation and science. how we shape reality through stories is her big interest. changing the story we tell can actually change things!
Fernando from Argentina - tries to tell about tech things work to non-experts, and wants to find others to help him share the vision and intentions. How to balance the ‘collective voice’ vs what he wants to make sure is communicated. love/hate for social media
Diego also from Argentina - does open citizen science project and organizes conference on this. wants to learn how to tell story. visualizes 3 target groups, those who are invited scientists, non-academics, developers, and hopes for help!
me (etc)

Tony Yet - has done TedX and wants to do story telling to get further from niche target audiences to the general public - analogies and so on. likes animated film media to pull people in.
Wei Li student at Open Fiesta - is very interested in stories, and the teachers he is sure that others understand terms - but interdisc activities are much more difficult, and wants to get more efficient and engage others.
Harald Tay - with project that needs to get to next step, and move it forward … water quality monitoring robot method, and want to get more people interested and to use it.
Saad - tech geek background with company that literally means ‘storyteller’ e-books digital publishing. To bridge the gap between traditional models of disseminating info through print - not the same as current situation. with writing, ‘think in print’ he says… stakeholders and investors and how to build and get all we want. missing points in narratives - hands-on sessions to coach others and figure out best model for using digital and augmented reality etc. wants Daphnia gifs in textbooks (perhaps)
Laura Olalde visual artist with great interest in science. wants to understand how to communicate and construct something new, but along horizontal levels… co-creation of works - painting installations bioart - and the process, also tagged with issues. it is all about the language.

Lisa - Open Fiesta student VR film story telling to is emotion, pictures as easier than words for getting reactions.

Analía - lawyer from Argentina ICT law and trying to communicate with scientists and researchers - now has NGO ‘social dev for technology’ also artists, techies and lawyers to communicate to - but wants to make an impact. Current challenge, how to communicate about e- generator project to get greatest impact.

Akshai from India - free software and 2000 schools with open source curriculum. Linux based, and content available on wiki. do gamification for students and teachers. making videos: govt schools vs private schools.

Greg - Gosh organizer making summaries
how to phrase stories for impacts
Asks who feels they are good communicators & story-tellers. The majority don’t think they are great at this.
Marcella how about aiming at open science problem first - everyone say what they think is the impt key issue. All to co-create a story about our gathering…

define what is open science
what is open hardware
why is it impt
Agnieska says - let’s choose our target audience.
Greg says - why not split up into two groups?
RA - kids vs adults?
Greg & group in end - cross-discipline people or general public??
and share at the end…
15min for each
General public group - brainstorm 1st about open scientific hardware
what is open -words thrown out-
shared, common, collaborative, generous, free, inviting, transparent, visible, porous, accessible, inclusive, built up on previous versions (iterative), impact, continual development, unlimited
Harald asked for more chinese perspective and made comment that open can still need to be paid for… Wei Li actually doesn’t think the sharing is all normal in China
Marcelo - what in a nutshell can we say??
how can we answer our Mom’s who say we should not be doing these things for free??
power to the people
learning by doing, making, and knowledge of how it works
open science hardware - tangible resources, measuring tools .
customisable multipurpose tools open to all to change and use at will.
like a swiss army knife that you put together for your purposes (microscope, telescope, magnifying glass)
first pacemaker was big open hardware thing - anyone can take and use…
Agnieska - 5 min to make summaries

images and trying to put together thing for purposes…

power and knowledge and democracy - enabling modifications and trials
short slogan - power to the people or 'empowerment by design’
Greg - would like a series of images and texts to go with the slogans - like a press packet release and make the brief for use by others…
accessible resources for modification by all.

Group for cross disciplinary story…
Agnieska - environment and work at uni and how to answer 'what do you work on’
why also is the real story - all told their reasons (partners, vacuum cleaners, etc) that they were lured into open science hardware - ‘persona’ simulation to create a story text!
‘if talk to everyone, you talk to no one.’
need to imagine the bubbles of particular types and tell the story for them…
having a visceral experience is key
singular experiences and visions can be identified with, and then if others feel that feeling, there is a much higher chance of convincing them of what you are consider to be most impt!
Greg - get lists of these moments when we shift and are pulled into this open science movement.
Would love for us to have a packet of this stuff…

Maybe Marcela can use this sort of thing for her open science videos.
Science infrastructure unchained
Science tools unchained
Empowerment through collaboration
Agnieska will make the gif
Greg will put something on the forum for people to try to get that visceral experience communicated and shared.