[Day 2] Easy Reflow Soldering Workshop

Refill soldering. Easy to use, fun to do, doable with kids, newbies and your grandmother.
It’s the perfect example of a method that is DIYK (Do In Your Kitchen).

What you need:

  • Circuit board you want to solder. We used the Bitbadge, a circuit developped by gaudi labs to practice soldering.
  • a stensil matching the pad patterns of the board.
    you can either do it yourslef with a laser or vinyl cutter or order it with your board for an extra 10$
  • parts
  • solder paste
  • something to smear the paste with (we did it with a hotel card)
  • something hot (oven, hot plate, fire…)

Essentially, the solder paste, when heated, turns into wery nice solder blobs and attaches the components to the circuit board in a very satisfying, non finger-burning way.
How do you use it?

  1. attach the board on your working bench
  2. dispose the stensil on it
  3. spread the solder paste, it will fall from the holes in the stensil to the appropriate parts of the circuit board
  4. remove the stensil (do not lick your fingers)
  5. place the components where you want them
  6. heat the board with a plate, oven, or anything else you have at hand (do NOT use a microwave)
    The temperature you have to heat it to depends on the kind of solder paste you use
  7. congratulations! now you can repeat the same process again and again.

/!\ do not eat any of what you use in this context /!\


Convener & facilitator? : Urs
documenters : Dulce and Anne-Pia