Dan Kaminsky Fellowship for open source software

Hi All

This is not an open science hardware fellowship but as we all know, software and often the internet are inextricable from the hardware, so I’m posting here anyway as it may be of interest to some of you or you colleagues and network.

I also thought it was an interesting model and an interesting articulation of why they have chosen to employ someone for a year to work on their open source project rather than make it a grant. Perhaps some inspiration for funders of open science hardware out there to think about new models for grants that offer stable employment for independent developers who are not already associated with universities etc.


Dan Kaminsky Fellowship



Open source software is so critical to the Internet, it is now supported by a wide variety of programs, from Google’s Summer of Code to the Linux Foundation’s Core Infrastructure Initiative.

However, monetary support is not always sufficient to support focus and deep work. Sometimes, great code contributors need more support infrastructure. A grant for open source development is great, but a rental application asks for pay stubs, not a grant letter. Tax withholdings, healthcare enrollment, and other overhead are regularly provided by the support infrastructure of a company, and can be challenging to coordinate for someone newly “freed” by a grant to work on their open source project.

To fill this gap, HUMAN is creating a unique new fellowship program, offering its Fellows a year of full time paid employment to dedicate to deep work on their open source project. Fellows will enjoy the same employment benefits as the rest of us. HUMAN will also help the Dan Kaminsky Fellows to share their work with the world at the conferences Dan loved, like Black Hat, DEF CON, and RSA Conference.