Crowd funder for open source electrical impedance tomography

I remember this from their talk at 34c3 and it was quite inspiring.


That is really really neat! Thanks for sharing Kaspar!

Hello, I was about to create a new topic on impedance spectroscopy and I discovered this topic :slight_smile: For 2 projects, I started to work on the development of impedance spectroscopy solutions to detect enzymatic concentration in a solution and to detect interface between two phases (I wanted to define where is the limit between an organic and an aqueous phase). I have another interesting project for which the goal is to detect the concentration of certain types of sugar and salt in a solution. Does anyone have already worked on this type of project ? I am thinking about developing an open-source solution to collect and analyse data. Does anybody is interested to discuss about this type of topic ? I am looking forward discussing it with anyone interested :slight_smile: Thanks ! Tanguy

I think being able to do impedance spectroscopy is super beneficial in microfluidics too. Having a module one can embed (with relative ease) would amazing IMO. Theres a ton of science applications with EIS.

Thanks for the feedback ! Yes, there seems to be a lot of applications in the field. I am starting to work on the creation of electrodes which doesn’t seems to be very complicate (depending on the size required ^^) but the data analysis part can be rather complex and advanced → there is a need for many transversal competence ! I thinking about starting a project on this topic :slight_smile:

Dear all,
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