Complexity Global School for Emerging Political Economies (dec23)

tl;dr: Might seem a little off-topic, but SFI is one the great technology think-tanks and research centers of our time. Check out this opportunity, if you’re based in Africa or India/Asia as I’d would to see Open Hardware alternatives discussed from a complexity and economics-of-scale perspective!

"The 2023 Complexity Global School for Emerging Political Economies is a collaboration between the Indian Insitute of Technology Bombay (IITB) in India, the Santa Fe Institute (SFI) in the USA, and the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) in South Africa.

[…] [It] is an intensive, 12-day program that provides deep exposure to the latest complex methods, models, and frameworks for thinking about economics and governance. CGS will also provide an opportunity to collaborate on an international group project developing an idea of your interest. The program will run from Monday, December 4th through Friday, December 15th, 2023. There will be 60 students in total: 30 students from across Asia, who will attend at the IITB location, and 30 students from across Africa, who will attend at the Wits location.

Selected students will be early-career, deep thinkers who are either academics from a wide array of disciplines, or, practitioners from the private sector, government, or other civil society organizations. All admitted students will be thinkers who care about the application of creative, intellectual solutions to emergent global challenges. Instructors will come from around the world, but will spend the school in residence at one of the two locations. The CGS curriculum is largely based on SFI’s Complex Systems Summer School, which has been running for over 30 years and whose alumni have gone on to obtain top positions in academia, government, and industry. Although this program will be of great use to individuals pursuing a tenure track academic appointment, it is also highly relevant for practitioners seeking to increase their impact! Please note, this is a full-time, residential program. Attendees are expected to participate in all lectures and activities and submit a group project after the conclusion of the school.

This program is completely free for all admitted students. All students will receive a fellowship covering the full costs of room, board, instruction, and materials. Participating students will also receive a stipend to cover the costs of incidentals while they attend the school."


It’s actually a good opportunity for to discuss Os Hardware from a political economy perspective