Hi everybody!

We are almost reaching the final GOSH’18 community report version.
Thanks to all of you for your collaboration!
To reach out our best version, we need to make the final effort in order to find some missed information.
Here the detail for you to stand out in the scouting!
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If you don’t use google docs please send me the information and I will update it at the doc ( Subject: GOSH Community Report

COMPLETELY LOST SESSIONS: if you took part of them please make a Summary and list of the participants
(we know they were there, somewhere, by twitter evidences!):

DAY 1:
• Ethics for biohacking
DAY 3 :
• Design
• Future of 3D printing
• Hands-on motion sensing
DAY 4:
• Laser cutting workshop
• Conservation (Sam, Cassie?)
• OurSci Platform (Greg?)
• Education ?
• Fabrication ?

SESSIONS with incomplete info about their PARTICIPANTS
DAY 2:
• Designing DNA circuits.
• Debugging Digital Communication (Workshop on Oscilloscopes)
• Documentation of Open Science Hardware
• How to build a small business based on OSH
• Hacking a dashboard camera into a microscope
• The use of the speculum in a practical way - Transfeminist Hard Lab
• DropBot Post Mortem Autopsy Party
• Alquimetricos Making Toys Workshop

WE NEED notes for: (If you took notes here please make a summary and include it in the corresponding session)
Topic Session IV: Actions / GOSH Roadmap

MISSED BIOS/ Participants presentations
Please include a 5 lines presentation of yourself

• Vicky Xie - Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab|China
• Wei Li(?? ) - Tsinghua University|China
• Xing Haijiao (Elizabeth) - FOSSASIA|China
• Valentina Yepes Ardila - Biohacking Colombia|Colombia
• Samuel Raymond Davies - Hacklab Foundation | Ghana
• Paula Pin Lage - Pechblenda lab / Hackteria network|Spain
• Masato Takemura - Independent|Japan
• Maria Frangos - Breathing Games|Canada
• Marc Juul -|USA/Denmar
• Li Yu - Independent|China
• Lit Liao - Litchee Lab|China
• Kevin Lhoste - CRI - Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity|France
• Jessica Leete - Independent|US
• Ji Li - Open FIESTA, Tsinghua University|China
• Jan Stöckel - Independent Filmmaker| UK
• Helene Steiner - Cell-Free Tech|United Kingdom
• Freda Yamorti Gbande - Independent|Ghana
• Dorcas Adhiambo Owinoh - LakeHub|Kenya
• Cassie Ann Hoffman - Conservation X Labs|US
• Christonsia Mushi - Twende Innovation Centre|Tanzania
• Clarissa Redwine - Kickstarter|US
• David Li - Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab|China
• Bin Liu - Independent|China
• Brian Tang - Young Makers & ChangeMakers|Hong Kong
• Benjamin Hans Paffhausen - Freie Universität Berlin|Germany
• Agnieszka Pokrywka - Pixelache | Finland

by Ananda Gabo for DAY3 and DAY 4 ?

Thanks for your collaboration!


I just saw this deadline post!
I have 1-3 done and 4th day is unfinished but I can post it all in the next 24 hours.

I’ve been working like crazy since coming back and I have had no time to catch up. My apologies!